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My paintings evolve from and reflect my state of being.   As the ever- fleeting mind darts, skids or waddles from one condition to another,  the work develops through a long process of making and breaking.  The resulting layering, incising and texture can result in a painting which displays some history of its making and a concentrated presence.  I’m not keen on the idea of inspiration.  There is always material to be dug out from ‘the well’. The trick is to give it formal integrity without losing the poetic quality.



Midge Naylor is a Scottish visual artist born and raised in a fishing and mining community east of Edinburgh.  After completing a Fine Art degree at UWE in Bristol UK she worked as a commercial decorator and painter in film and tv.  Becoming a studio holder at BV in South Bristol allowed her space to develop her art practice.  Subsequently Midge was elected into the Bath Society of Artists and won ‘Best Regional Artist Award’ at the Royal West of England Academy where in 2012 she was elected as an Academician.


Exhibitions include The Royal Academy Summer Exhibition 2011, 2014, 2015, 2019.  Royal Scottish Academy Edinburgh, Discerning Eye London, ‘Drawn’ and Printmaking Group shows at RWA, British Film Institute, Bath Society of Artists Painting Prize. 


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