Midge is a Scottish visual artist whose formative years were spent in a fishing and mining community east of Edinburgh.  After completing a Fine Art degree at UWE in Bristol she worked as a commercial decorator and  painter in film and tv. In 2010 she took a studio at BV in South Bristol and concentrated on developing her own practice in painting, printmaking and photography.  Midge was elected into the Bath Society of Artists and won ‘Best Regional Artist Award’ at the Royal West of England Academy where she became an Academician in 2012. As well exhibiting reasonably regularly in the RA Summer Exhibition, London, Midge shows and sells in gallery and open submission shows including Open Paint, Drawing and Print exhibitions.




Painting can be one of the richest and most complex ways in which aspects of the psyche can be externalised. My work is derived from fragments - of place, memory, experience and imagination. These elements are conjured up and arranged through a process of addition and subtraction until I reach what is to me a formal ‘rightness’ where I feel at ease with the work.

I begin with a relaxed application of paint using a palette knife and brushes then introduce improvised marks - scratched, scraped, rubbed and brushed and often smoothed with a gloved hand. Drawing into the wet paint with charcoal, graphite and oil bars sees the emergence of figurative motifs which are developed through an extended dialogue with the painting itself. Although my approach has often been described as ‘intuitive’ I prefer to think of it as experimental - open to accident but subject to my influence.

Although I make works on paper, particularly monoprints and collagraphs, my primary practice is painting on rigid supports.  The materiality of the medium delivers a concentrated presence to my work which essentially is depicting a state of being.